Here Is What You Put In The Blackstone Bottles (Solved)

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Let’s talk about what goes into the Blackstone bottles or any other griddle bottles for that matter.

Cooking oil and water go into the Blackstone bottles. However, there are some nuances in this topic, let’s explore them more here.

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What Goes In the Blackstone Bottles?

If you’re like me, you like checking out what other people are doing with their griddles.

When I first saw griddles in action, I noticed that in every scenario, the griddle bottles were close by and full of mystery liquids.

It wasn’t until I took a deep dive into the Griddle Game, that I realized it was oil and water.

So why oil and further “why in the heck is water in that bottle?” Good questions, let’s chat about it.

Oil Goes in Griddle Bottles

Oil you say? Yep, oil. You didn’t think this was going to be too difficult, right?

The Reason:

If your’e new to the griddle game, then this might be new info but essentially the griddle needs oil for your cooking to go smoothly.

First, oil is used to create the seasoning process that creates a durable calcified non-stick layer to cook on.

Thus, don’t wash your cast iron pan OR your griddle top with soap. You want that oil to stay and stay for good.

When cooking on a griddle, you will apply a light layer of oil both before cooking and after each use.

Because of this, you will see oil accompany griddles in almost every situation. Read our Guide to How to Season a Griddle.

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Water Goes in Griddle Bottles

Water, now this seems odd, right? Well, maybe at first yes but again, once you get into the griddle game, it makes more sense.

The Reason:

Water is the key element when cleaning your griddle, and because you need to clean your griddle before and after using it each time, the water is often close by.

Because you cannot use soap on a cold-rolled steel cast-iron surface (Blackstone Griddles) you need something to keep your griddle clean.

Because of this, water is needed in the griddle bottles that commonly accompany Blackstone and Camp Chef Griddles.

How Does Water Clean A Griddle?

Clean is a relative term, just ask my 9 year old if he is “clean” and he will say yes despite every other factor saying no.

As stated earlier, you can’t use soap on a cast-iron surface, so, we need something to get this funk off my griddle.

When we clean a griddle, we clean it while it’s still very hot.

After we scrape the excess food off, we spray some water from the Blackstone Bottle onto the griddle surface and it instantly boils and steams off.

When this reaction of heat and water starts a boil, that boiling water “cleans” and disinfects.

Remember your boy scout days?

Boiling natural water sources in a survival situation will kill the germs and bacteria to make it safe to drink.

This is the same principle, except you’re not trying to survive, well that is debatable depending on how hungry I am. Read our Guide to Cleaning Your Griddle

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That’s a wrap guys and gals! Now, when you break out the griddle your friends will be impressed with how griddle savvy you are. D

on’t worry, you don’t have to tell them the Griddle King schooled ya! Griddle King, out.