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How To Season A Razor Griddle (The Easy Guide)

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So you’ve just got your brand new razor griddle and you’re wondering how to season it properly so you can keep it looking great, right?

Why else would you be here? But did you know that razor griddle seasoning is about far more than just how your griddle looks.

By following razor’s advice and seasoning your griddle every time you use it, you’ll not only keep it looking great, but you’ll make it work better as a nonstick surface, making your time cooking on the razor griddle even more enjoyable!

And after all, isn’t that what grilling is all about?! So, stick around to the end of today’s post because I’ll tell you exactly how to season your razor griddle so you can get the most out of it.


What You’ll Need To Season Your Razor Griddle

Before seasoning any griddle, you need to make sure you have all the tools you need for the job. Thankfully, razor publishes exactly what you need on their website, so I didn’t need to offer my own advice on this one.

So, before you worry about how to season a razor griddle, here’s what you’ll need to gather so you can season it in the right way:

  • Oil (flaxseed is recommended by razor themselves)
  • A cleaning stone
  • A griddle scraper
  • Paper towels (or a lint-free rag works just as well)

After you’ve gathered all your supplies, it’s a simple enough job if you follow the advice below.

Razor Griddle Seasoning

The following advice is from razor again, but takes you through how to season your griddle after each use.

If you’re seasoning your griddle for the first time, then the cleaning stone and griddle scraper may not be necessary since you won’t have cooked on it before and there won’t be any food or debris that’s stuck on.

Still, you may wish to use it anyway to remove anything that may be left over from the manufacturing process.

After that, you simply need to concentrate on the seasoning section onwards to make sure the griddle is perfect for your first time use.

Seasoning A Razor Griddle After Each Use

  • Turn off your razor griddle
  • Allow the griddle to cool, but you still want it to remain warm so you can use the heat to help remove any stubborn stuck-on food – this should take around 15-20 minutes
  • Use the griddle scraper to then remove any debris, residue, or food from the griddle’s surface
  • Then use some bundled paper towels to wipe down every surface on the griddle – that’s the main body, inner walls, and outer walls
  • If there is still some stubborn residue, then light the griddle again to a low heat and apply some cooking oil to allow it to ‘boil’ the residue a little to make it easier to remove
  • If there is still residue, use your cleaning stone to remove the stubborn mess – but remember, only use your cleaning stone on the area that’s affected, or it may remove old seasoning, which we want to add to, not remove
  • Once done, wipe down the griddle’s surface again (including the inner and outer walls)
  • Now it’s time for the seasoning: use your flaxseed oil (or whichever you prefer) and evenly coat the griddle’s surface
  • Use paper towels to disperse the oil evenly – make sure the griddle is off again if it isn’t already, and cool enough to handle paper towels near
  • Don’t forget to apply to all the griddle’s surface, including the inner and outer walls again, for maximum non-stick potential, performance, and longevity of the griddle
  • Turn your griddle back on and place on a high heat
  • Wait until the oil stops smoking – this could be around 15 minutes before this happens
  • Then switch off and allow to cool
  • You will need to repeat the seasoning process multiple times until the griddle’s surface becomes an even, dark color
  • Remember to season after each use too, to keep the quality of the seasoning and to maintain the look of the griddle

That’s it! That’s how you season a razor griddle! But if you want some additional tips to help you season your griddle, then check out the section below!

Additional Tips

Below I’ll answer some common seasoning questions and provide you with some helpful advice. In this section, you’ll find some advice from my own experience with seasoning griddles, as well as some from razor themselves.

Are there any other oils I can use to season my Razor Griddle?

Razor actually answers this on their support page, so I’ll share that info with you first.

They recommend using either flaxseed oil (their preferred choice), olive oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, sesame oil, or coconut oil. They also point out that it’s perfectly safe to use lard on their griddle tops if you want to add a certain depth of flavor.

I’d agree with razor’s choices, but also just point out that any oil with a high enough smoking point will work great for seasoning, so if you’ve been using one oil for years but it’s not on this list, I’d suggest sticking with it if you prefer that method.

I use oil when I cook on my razor griddle. Why do I need to season it again after every use?

While it’s true that cooking with oil on your griddle does almost season it further every time, you can’t solely rely on this oil to be your griddle’s seasoning.

That’s because the fat and juices from the food you’re cooking also seep out on the griddle’s surface and mix with that oil.

To guarantee the best finish and wipe out any impurities, you need to clean (using the griddle scraper, and oil/cleaning stone methods above when necessary) the griddle’s surface thoroughly before seasoning.

So you will need to season your griddle after every use just to maintain the quality of the seasoning and your griddle’s cleanliness.

How many seasoning cycles does my griddle need before first use?

If seasoning your griddle for the first time, you’ll need to repeat the process around 4 times in total to build up the initial non stick layer of the seasoning you’re looking for.

The griddle surface should be noticeably darker at this point, and by seasoning after each use thereafter, you’ll build up a great quality seasoning on your razor griddle over time that just keeps getting better and better.

Takeaway Message

Seasoning your razor griddle is vitally important for keeping it looking and performing great.

Remember to follow the steps in the method above after each use, and your razor griddle will serve you well for years to come!


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