Blackstone 36″ Vs. Cabela’s 4 Burner Gas Griddle: Detailed Comparison

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Making a buying decision for a new outdoor griddle can be tough, there are so many good choices. Among the top choices, it includes Cabela’s 4 gas burner and Blackstone 36” gas griddles. Today we will compare the Cabelas 4-Burner to the Blackstone Classic 36.

What is the difference between the two? Why should you consider them? What factors should you look out for? These are some of the questions this article will break down for you and make your selection a bit easier.


Blackstone 36” Classic Gas Griddle

Blackstone 36 inch gas griddle is taking over the market and increasingly gaining popularity. It is durable, versatile, and well-built to suit your outdoor cooking needs.

Coming to your kitchen with a wide range of life features, this griddle makes your cooking easy right from food preparation to cleaning up.


Blackstone 36” gas griddle comes with 4 burners. Here are some of the outstanding features of the Blackstone 36” gas griddle:

  • 720 Sq. Inch cooking surface- 36” by 20”
  • 4 Adjustable heat controls with built-in igniter
  • Rear grease management system
  • Rolled carbon 7-gauge steel griddle top
  • Side shelves thus providing extra space
  • Propane tank fasteners
  • 60,000 BTUs


• Large cooking surface- the griddle has a huge grill surface of 720 sq that can cook a wide variety of food comfortably and feed a large number of people.

With such a big cooking surface, you don’t have to smush food around to fit on the grill. Cooking also doesn’t have to be done in batches.

  • Convenience- the grease trap is in the rear of the griddle top, it implies that you can easily direct all your fats and oils to the back and also solves the older design flaw.
  • Ease of mobility- the gas griddle comes with four solid wheels making it easy to move around since it is heavy.
  • Heats fast- the four burners bring the griddle to heat up fast. The same can also be used individually to provide different heat zones across the cooking surface.
  • Easy to clean- the surface of the griddle can be removed, this makes cleaning easier.
  • More control of cooking temperature- the burners can be used individually, this gives you a lot of control over the heat output. You can also easily set up different cooking zones and cook different foods at once.
  • Easy to assemble- assembling a Blackstone gas griddle is quite easy even for a first-time user. It is specifically designed so that you do not require any tools to put it up.
  • Sufficient preparation areas- the gas griddle comes with additional two side shelves to provide you with additional prep areas. It comes in handy especially if you are cooking outside, you have enough space to put the cooked food.
  • The solid construction-the fact that it is entirely made of steel means it is durable and reliable. Although it is heavy, it assures you that it will last.


  • Heavy-weight- the griddle is made entirely of steel adding up the total weight to 135 lbs thus heavy and quite challenging to move around.
  • Takes up lots of space- the side trays are not easily removable unless you take out the bolts, this is a significant addition to its footprint and not convenient for someone tight on space.
  • The space between the griddle top and the burners allows heat to escape easily. This makes cooking on a windy day quite challenging since you hardly will get the required temperature. This can be solved with the use of wind guards but comes with additional costs.
  • Susceptible to corrosion- the grill surface is made of rolled steel, this can easily corrode.

Cabela’s 4-Burner Gas Griddle

The Cabela’s Griddle is a 4- burner gas griller just like Blackstone 36”. It offers a greater capacity for diverse cooking from pancakes for breakfast to burgers for dinner.

Features of the Cableas Griddle

  • 4 Stainless tube burners
  • 712Sq of cooking area
  • Large pre-seasoned, 5mm thick cooking surface
  • 48,000 BTUs
  • Stainless steel control panels
  • 2 side shelves
  • Wheeled cart
  • Propane-powered griddle
  • Stainless steel control panel and knobs
  • 4 heavy-duty casters.

Difference between Blackstone 36” and Cabela’s 4 Gas Griddle

Here is a defined Cabela’s griddle vs Blackstone griddle comparison:


Colour is perhaps the first thing everyone notes about any object. It determines the objects that are more visually appealing compared to others. Blackstone 36” griddle has a solid black colour.

On the other hand, Cabela’s 4 griddle is black with a shiny silver-like front, perhaps making it look more visually appealing. That’s a personal opinion though; the choice is dependent on personal preference

Side shelves

For both Blackstone and Cabela’s, the side shelves are stationary; they don’t collapse. They neither fold up nor down. With limited space, these features might pose some level of difficulty in handling the griddles.


Both brands have four wheels each. The wheels have a controllable lock that can help you keep the griddle stationary when in use.

Grease System

Blackstone 36’ has a small trench-like depression on one side of the flat top that collects grease and allows it to run down to the container there aside.

The channel is not as effective and requires you to acquire a grease guard to help further channel the grease into the collecting cup failure to which the grease will often spill over to the ground.

Newer brands of Blackstone have a rear grease system, possibly to correct the problem with the previous brands.

Cabela’s top, or rather a flat pan, has a hole where grease runs down. The grease doesn’t pour into the machine rather it has a box-like container, perfectly designed to cover a larger area so that there are minimal chances of the grease running down to other areas.


Cabelas gas griddle measures 38.5” H, 72.4” W, and 25.1” D. Blackstone griddle on the other hand measures 62.50” L, 36” H, and 22” W.

Cooking Surface Material

Both gas griddles are entirely made of steel.

Care and maintenance

Both are made of steel and therefore require seasoning to protect their surface from rust and corrosion.

Heating BTU’s

Blackstone gas provides 60,000 BTUs while Cabelas provides 48,000 BTUs.


Cabelas gas griddle offers 712sq of the cooking surface while Blackstone provides 720 Sq of cooking surface hence relatively larger.


Cabelas gas griddle weighs up to 132 lbs, Blackstone on the other hand weighs 135 lbs.

What Should You Consider Before Buying An Outdoor Gas Griddle?

Available space

Before making a purchase, determine whether you have enough space. Both Blackstone and Cabelas gas griddles are large as highlighted above and are also heavy.

Even with its wheels, they can’t be defined as a maneuverable griddle, therefore, before buying, ensure that you have enough space to store it properly.

Are you in need of a dedicated griddle?

Some foods can only be cooked in a griddle, however shouldn’t be the reason for you to purchase a dedicated one like Blackstone 36” or Cabelas. Other suitable options for you can be placed on top of a comparable grill without the need to buy the whole cooking set.

Are you ready to clean up?

It is common knowledge that all cooking surfaces and tools need cleaning after use. The fact that the Blackstone gas griddle is huge and has a big surface means you need large cleaning equipment.

For a person that desires to have cookware that only needs a quick wipe down after use, this is not your best choice. Blackstone requires thorough cleaning and it needs seasoning to prevent rust and corrosion.

Number of burners

You must consider the number of burners. Get to know that griddles have both hot and cold zones. Having more burners lets you heat your griddle fast. 4 burners like those in Blackstone and Cabelas gas griddles let you cook a lot of food at once.

What material is it made from?

Most gas griddle surface areas are made of steel. Choose one made from stainless steel or chrome for they are resistant to rust and corrosion. Such is however more expensive but the initial cost is worth it in the long run.


Blackstone 36” and Cabela’s gas grill are very much alike, with small differences in setting, heat, and perhaps how you operate the grills. The Blackstone gives you more space and more heat while the Cabela’s has a little bit less space and heating capacity.

Your choice of outdoor gas griddle should be determined by your needs; choose a griddle that best suits your needs, one you can comfortably afford and maintain without strain.

Still can’t decide? See how the Blackstone stacks up against the Camp Chef offering here Blackstone vs. Camp Chef.