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Can You Use Pyrex In A Traeger Grill? (Genius Grilling Tips)

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Have you considered using pyrex inside your Traeger Grill and curious if thats a bad idea or not? Welp, I did some research and testing, this is what I found out.

Traeger grills can pretty much do anything, right? Smoke, grill, bake – you name it, they can handle it.

But I’ve seen a lot of people online that are unwilling to make the most of these amazing grills because they’re worried about whether their dishes and cookware are actually safe to put inside the Traeger to begin with.

One thing that seems to be throwing everyone in particular is Pyrex. We all know that Pyrex dishes are much stronger than glass cookware, but whether or not it can handle the Traeger grill, well, that’s another thing altogether.

But don’t worry, because in today’s post I’ll be clearing everything up for you and answering one very important question: can you use Pyrex in a Traeger grill?


Why Is Pyrex So Strong?

Before we look at using Pyrex dishes with the Traeger grill specifically, I thought it’d be interesting to look into how strong Pyrex really is compared to regular glassware, to understand whether, in theory, it ought to be able to handle being placed inside a Traeger grill.

So, what’s Pyrex all about? Well, from the boring, science-y explanation, Pyrex is a low-thermal expansion borosilicate glassware product, often used in kitchens to cook different dishes and meats.

What all that means is basically just that Pyrex is a specific type of glassware product that has been designed to withstand much higher temperatures than regular glass.

They don’t warp and they don’t crack, and they’re actually great at conducting heat and holding on to it for a very long time, so they’re perfect for cooking meats and complete dishes, because a Pyrex dish can stay as hot as you need it to for as long as you need it to.

If that’s the case, then why are we even worrying?

Surely you can easily use Pyrex in a Traeger grill without needing to think about it. Well, with Pyrex, it turns out there is a bit of a catch…

Pyrex May Be Strong, But Proceed With Caution

Pyrex is great, don’t get me wrong, but it can’t handle temperatures that are over 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

If it reaches above that point, then it’s very likely that the Pyrex dish will shatter, and small shards of broken Pyrex glass will be all over the bottom of your grill.

Of course, many Traeger grills come with temperature controllers, so it won’t go over 425 degrees Fahrenheit without you asking it to, so there’s a simple solution there.

Cook below 425 degrees when using Pyrex and there won’t be a problem.

However, Pyrex dishes are also more prone to smash when it is directly above a heat source.

In a fan oven, for example, it can handle heat up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit just fine, because the heat is being evenly distributed around the glass dish, so it won’t have an intense temperature increase from directly below because of a heat source.

But will it be in a Traeger grill?

Can You Use Pyrex In A Traeger Grill?

Rather than speculating about whether the heat in a Traeger Grill is distributed around evenly enough for a Pyrex dish, I instead thought it was best to go right to the horse’s mouth.

You can see for yourself online that Traeger has very clear advice on using dishes and cookware in their Traeger grills.

According to them, if the dish you want to use is safe to use in the oven, then it’s safe to use in one of their grills.

In fact, they even say that glass pans that are oven safe (such as Pyrex) are safe to use in their grills and although they don’t heat up as quickly as metal pans, the glass dishes do hold a more consistent temperature making them better for cooking food consistently.

That’s about as close to a go-ahead as you’ll ever really get from a manufacturer without them directly answering a specific question about a specific glass dish.

So, considering everything we’ve learned today, I’d say it’s safe to use Pyrex in a Traeger grill, but ONLY when you do so with caution.

To help round off today’s article, I’ll provide you with some tips and tricks for using your Pyrex in a Traeger grill safely.

How To Safely Use Pyrex In A Traeger Grill

The first tip is one we’ve already covered, but one that’s really important for me to reiterate again. Never cook with Pyrex in a Traeger grill that’s over 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heck, if I were you, I’d keep the temperature closer to 375 to be on the safe side. At least then you have a buffer should anything mysteriously go wrong.

What that also means is that any food you need to cook at a high temperature, like pizza, for example, shouldn’t be cooked in Pyrex on a Traeger grill.

It simply isn’t safe to do so, and if the Pyrex shatters, then you’ll have a giant clean-up job on your hand.

Another great tip to avoid your Pyrex dish shattering when placed in the Traeger grill is to preheat the dish at the same time as the grill.

That will prevent the dish from having to adjust to a high temperature quickly, making it far less likely that the Pyrex dish will shatter.

To help avoid your Pyrex dish being placed on a direct heat source, consider using a wire rack to elevate your Pyrex dish above the grill plates.

It might seem excessive, but it’s the safest way to guarantee that your Pyrex dish will be in one piece by the time the food has finished cooking.

And finally, use a really thick pair of oven mitts or heat proof gloves to remove the Pyrex dishes from the Traeger grill.

Yes, I know you’re not 5 since you’re operating a Traeger grill, but it’s still really important to be mindful of just how hot that Pyrex dish will be when you take it out of the grill. Cooling time is also recommended…


So long as you’re careful and follow the safety tips above, Pyrex should be fine in a Traeger grill.

Just remember to never exceed temperatures of 425 degrees Fahrenheit and be careful with placing your Pyrex dish over a direct heat source.

Opt for wire racks and preheating your dish along with the grill though, and you should find using your Pyrex dishes with your Traeger grill a breeze.

Better yet, a whole world of grilling opportunities will be open to you now too!


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