Grill vs Griddle? 3 Things To Consider First

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Griddle vs Grill? In the need of a new outdoor cooking grill and you can’t decide between a traditional grill and a griddle? I get it, and I have personally gone back and forth with this to the point that I have owned several of each. 


 When you’re choosing between a griddle or a grill, it can be challenging to understand which one you’re going to need more.

It’s a valid question, and some people don’t even really understand what the difference is in the first place. If you’re one of these people, don’t worry, you’re not alone!

There are a few significant differences between the two, and hopefully, I’ll be able to bring them to light today.

I’ll try and convince you why I believe griddles to be the best option, though I couldn’t imagine it’ll take too much convincing.

What Temperature To Grill Burgers?
What Temperature To Grill Burgers?

After all, once you’ve read what I’ve got to say, you should be all ready to decide! Of course, the final decision lies with you.

I’ve just done my usual research to figure out the pros and cons, the dos and don’ts, and all the other things I can think of to make a well-educated argument. I’m sure it’ll be insightful for you.

Here is some helpful information from Medcor about the health risks of traditional griddle cooking.

The Health Concerns

Right off the bat, I’m going to start with something none of you probably expected. When you think about the differences between a griddle and a grill, you don’t usually consider anything related to your health.

You usually want to know which one makes better food and why. Fair enough! But, I think it’s wise to consider the differences in health concerns of the two.

It’s good to explain the essential difference first. A griddle is a flat top designed to sit over burners and cook your food that way.

A grill is usually ridged with gaps between each ridge and is traditionally operated with flame and charcoal (gas and wood options are also available). You might already be able to see the problem here.

While griddles don’t present any noticeable health-related problems, a grill is a whole other problem. The exposed flames and burning charcoal that have to be used for grilling your food can lead to a series of complications in your health.

For starters, fire is hot. Yes, it’s silly to say. But fire will burn you if you’re not careful. Also, there’s the issue of smoke inhalation (a more silent killer that people ignore). Repetitive grilling will lead you to some severe breathing complications if you’re not careful.


If you’re considering buying one over the other, it’s good to know which one can do more. You don’t want to be stuck with a one-trick grill. The more versatile a grill can be, the better.

A griddle is by far the superior choice when looking at versatility between the two. You can literally cook an entire meal on a griddle at once with plenty of room to spare.

Griddles can fit just about everything you could need with little need for fiddling things around.

A grill is far less versatile in that sense. You’re limited to what you can put on a grill (usually only grilled meats or vegetables).

You won’t be able to get a whole meal on them, and you certainly won’t get everything grilled and ready at once – which can make them pretty tricky to use effectively at a party or a BBQ.


Remember what I said about the major difference between the two? A griddle is a flat surface, and a grill is ridged with gaps. Well, can you imagine what this might do to the cleanliness and maintenance of them?

With a flat top, you’re able to wipe off pretty much any residue with relative ease. If you haven’t guessed yet, a griddle takes the cake yet again in the maintenance field.

The grill, however, is a different story. If you’ve ever had to wipe one down before or get it clean, you’ll understand. They’re finicky and fiddly and just annoying in every sense of the word.

Trying to fit a cloth between the gaps and scrape the thin ridges clean is an absolute nightmare. You’ll be spending so much more time trying to get them cleaner than you probably would have done grilling anything in the first place.

What’s My Choice?

I think I’ve already made it pretty clear, but just in case you haven’t got it yet – I would choose a griddle. There is no better option than a griddle. If you’re comparing them to a grill, you might as well have already made up your mind.

However, I understand that standalone griddles can be pretty expensive as a first-time purchase, and that’s fair enough! But what if I told you I have a solution to that problem for all you novice griddlers out there looking to get involved?

The Steelmade USA griddle tops are the perfect tool for you if you’re looking to get your feet wet in the world of griddles. Basically, they’re flat tops designed to be placed on top of your existing stovetops or grills.

Whatever you currently have installed in your home, a Steelmade USA top is the perfect addition to turn it into a griddle. It saves you from purchasing a standalone one and gives you the taste you’re probably desperate for to see whether they work for you.

I highly recommend them and encourage you to search around for them if you haven’t heard of them before. You really cannot go wrong with a Steelmade USA griddle top. They can be attached to pretty much anything, so you’ll find a place for it in your home.


Not to sound too biased, but I think I made it pretty clear what my final decision would be when choosing between a griddle and a grill. It’s a griddle if you haven’t quite got it yet!

They’re safer, they’re more versatile, and they’re easier to clean. Cleaning is a huge thing for me. I’ve been agitated by cleaning a grill one too many times to give them a second chance anymore! There isn’t any competition in my mind.

Hopefully, I’ve managed to convince you, even if my arguments were a little too one-sided. The griddle is the answer for you, especially if you try out the Steelmade USA griddle tops.

They’re the perfect installation for you to try a griddle out ASAP.