Does A Griddle Need A Hood?

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Got a new griddle and wondering if your griddle needs a hood? Well, let’s sort that out now! There are some steep pros and cons to having a hood for your griddle. In this article, we will highlight why you should get a hood and why you may not want one. But first:

So, does your griddle need a hood? No, your griddle does not need a hood, but let’s discuss the pros and cons..

Reasons To Get A Griddle Hood

Take a look below and let’s figure this out. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of a griddle hood and determine if you actually need a griddle for your hood or not. Many people get their hands on their new griddle and immediately wonder if they need a hood.

Griddle Hood Helps With Storage

PROStorage: The most obvious sign you need a hood for your griddle or flat top grill is whether or not you keep it outdoors. If you keep the griddle outdoors, you will most definitely need to have either a hood and/or a weatherproof griddle cover. If a griddle cooking surface it left out to the elements, it will quickly turn into a rusted-out cooking surface that will need a full cast iron restoration and re-seasoning. Check out this how-to, here.

Griddle Hood Help With Convection

PRO-Convection: A major advantage to having a hood is the increased ability and versatility of how the griddle can effectively cook your food. A hood will offer a heat convection process, trapping the heat inside the hood area and more evenly distributing heat to all parts of the food. This is a major advantage if you’re a bit of a cooking diva, I mean griddle king.

Griddle Hood Help With Grease Splatter

PRO-Grease Splatter: Being a Griddle King (or Queen) isn’t easy. Laboring over these devices means putting yourself in harm’s way. From having your hand so close to an open cooking surface, to the never-ending popping and splattering of grease/oil as you cook.

A hood for your griddle will greatly help this process when cooking, creating a barrier from the heat, and the splattering mess. You can grab griddle hoods for your griddle here on Amazon, they have most available and cheaper than other places.

Reasons To Not Get A Griddle Hood

Weight Can Be An Issue

CON-Weight: A disadvantage to the Hood is it adds to the weight of the griddle. While this may not be too big of a deal to most, for others, its no good. For example, my Blackstone Adventure 17″ Griddle is my go-to for camping and I dont need any more items or weight when I camp.

It’s an Added Cost

CON-Another Cost: Many times, the hood is not offered as a part of the purchase and must be bought separately. Again, like many things in life, this is just another cost. Bummer.

I’m not sure why they don’t just throw in remove-able ones with each model and leave it up top the customer, but I’m not running a million-dollar company. I have no idea, I’m just a guy with a griddle blog hanging out in Colorado.

Final Verdict

So, as you can see, there are some significant pros and cons to sort out and make your own choice about getting a griddle hood. However, in short, you can see that your griddle works fine without a hood and no, a griddle hood is not needed, it just helps!

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There you go, you’re all geared up on whether or not you need a hood, the choice is yours Captain. Now, Go Griddle! Griddle King, out.