Griddle Grill Combo: 11 Reasons You Need One

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Considering a griddle grill combo? You’re not alone! How many times around here have I talked about griddles and grills? More times than any of us care to count, right?

And for so long, I’ve talked about the advantages of one over the other and vice versa. But really, this whole time everybody (you, me, all the other readers around here) have been thinking ‘Well, what about a gas griddle grill combo?’.

And do you know what? We’ve all been right this whole time!

It’s the perfect solution to our outdoor cooking problems. And if you’re one of those people that falls firmly into the ‘grill’ or ‘griddle’ camp, then I’m here today to convince you that maybe there’s a middle ground that’s worth considering.

That’s right! Today I’m going to give you 11 reasons you need a griddle grill combo, and I don’t think there’s anybody out there that can argue with them… So let’s test that theory, shall we?

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1. Cook WHATEVER You Like

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit and the biggest reason most people will opt for a griddle grill combo over just a griddle or just a grill and that’s that you can cook whatever you like on a griddle grill combo.

Think about it. You can cook great breakfasts on a griddle, in a way you just can’t on a grill. Need to warm up beans, fry tomatoes, sausages, bacon, and cook scrambled eggs?

A griddle can handle all that, but a grill can’t. Sure, you might prefer grilled bacon and sausages, and that’s fine. In fact, that’s great!

With a griddle grill combo, you can cook whatever you like in whatever way you like without needing two separate products.

Would you prefer to grill your bacon and sausages, but you still need a space to cook those scrambled eggs? Well then, just fire up both sides of your griddle grill combo.

My point is, before you would have had to have picked between different food based on what you could cook – now you can have it all!

cooking on a griddle grill combo

2. Cook HOWEVER You Like

Not only can you cook whatever you like, but now you can cook however you like. Certain food can be cooked perfectly on a griddle and grill, right?

Steaks, burgers, chicken – anything that can fit on a flat top griddle and on a grill’s plates will cook perfectly on either product.

But there’s no denying that some people prefer their food cooked in slightly different ways. Take steaks, for example.

Now I love steaks cooked on a griddle as much as the next person, but there’s no denying that a grill can sear them perfectly, with the grill plate lines scorching the surface of the steak and giving it an even more exciting flavor.

That’s because, generally, a grill cooks at higher temperatures since you only need to heat up thin strips of the plates (unlike a griddle, which all needs to be heated).

Well, with a griddle grill combo, you can make use of both methods of cooking to find what you like best.

Maybe, like me, you’ll prefer to grill your steaks, or maybe you’ll prefer to cook them on the griddle for a more even finish.

Whichever way you prefer, you can only find out with a griddle grill combo – and the best part is, you can personalize that with each dish.

Maybe steaks work best on grills for you, but chicken is tastier on griddles. There’s a whole BBQing world out there for you to explore, and a griddle grill combo will help you do that most effectively.

3. Versatile Styles Of Cooking

This is sort of a support point of the one above, but there’s no denying that both griddles and grills lend themselves to different styles of cooking.

If you want to cook something really hot and really fast, then grills tend to work best. And if you want to cook something a little slower without charring it, griddles work best for that.

The point I’m trying to make is that griddles and grills cook food in different ways, and by having both in a griddle grill combo, you can explore the best method.

Vegetables and side dishes, for example, might be better suited to a griddle since they tend not to burn as easily – but this is something you can decide for yourself as you explore the different styles of cooking that griddles and grills offer.

4. Many Are Portable

My next point isn’t true of every griddle grill combo, but it’s certainly true of a lot of them. Since convenience is clearly king when designing a griddle grill combo, many of them are also highly portable, meaning you can move it from one place to another very easily.

That means if you’re planning on taking a camping trip with friends and family, you’ll be able to pack up your griddle grill combo and take it along with you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘You can do that with a griddle OR a grill, too’, and that’s true, you can. But what you can’t do is bring both along with you easily, right?

And that means making a choice between which dishes you can realistically cook whilst on the trip. By taking a portable griddle grill combo, though, you don’t have to make that choice, since you can bring both along with you in a compact, convenient, and portable way!

Basically, a griddle grill combo is convenient for you in more ways than one, but its portability is often a big selling point!

5. Space Saving Idea

I don’t know about you, but if there’s one downside to owning different outdoor cooking products, it’s that they take up too much space.

If you aren’t careful, your garden stops being your garden and all of a sudden you just have an outdoor industrial kitchen. And don’t get me wrong, that’s exciting, but sometimes you just need the space in your garden to sit back and relax, without all the outdoor cooking products taking up the space.

And that’s why an outdoor griddle grill combo is such a clever idea. Away from it giving you control over the food you cook and the way you cook, and even away from the convenience of portability, a griddle grill combo just helps you save space, buy fewer products, and keep your garden as, well, your garden.

So if you’ve been looking to save a little space in your garden, a gas griddle grill combo might just be the best way to do it!

6. All One Fuel Source

For many, this will be a big thing. Gas griddle grill combos run on just gas. If you have separate products, then the chances are you’ll be running your griddle off gas, and your grill off charcoal, or something similar, right?

Well, with a gas griddle grill combo, you just have the one fuel source. That means a couple of things. First, you only have to safely store one fuel source – the propane gas.

And second, you only have to buy one fuel source, saving you money and time, and meaning you only need to keep a stock of the gas.

There will be no more unexpected running out of charcoal and only having gas, because you’ll only need gas from this point forward.

It’s much easier to remember to check just one fuel source supply before inviting friends and family over, wouldn’t you say?

Dealing with just one fuel source for what is essentially two products rolled into one is really convenient.

7. Easy Ignition

If there is one glaringly obvious design flaw with a grill that a griddle seems to combat, it’s that igniting the flames can sometimes be a real challenge. Just imagine all the times you’ve tried to get your charcoal grill lit. It’s not always been a breeze, has it?

But griddles are generally much easier. You set the propane to flow, and you switch your burners to on – and Voila, you’ve got yourself something to cook on.

Well, with a griddle grill combo, you have that same easy ignition, and you don’t need to worry about struggling to get the grill lit to start cooking to begin with.

That means you get all the advantage of cooking over flames when you use the grill side, but without any of the stress of struggling to light it. If you ask me, that’s a pretty big advantage right there.

8. Grease Collectors Mean An Easy Clean

Above I said there was one glaringly obvious flaw with grills, but this might be a close second – the cleanup. I’ve always found grills to be more challenging because the grease and fat from the cooking food just seems to drip down and go wherever it pleases.

That’s why I’ve personally always found a griddle cleanup to be a much easier job, since it often has grease traps and drip trays to catch all the grease.

Anything leftover on the flat top after cooking can just be pushed to the drip tray and the rest of the cleanup is simple.

Well, a griddle grill combo tends to opt for this style of cleanup too, so there are grease collectors on both sides that make cleaning the product a much simpler job.

Anything that makes cleanup easier is a big plus in my eyes, and I think a griddle grill combo is one of the easiest outdoor cooking products to clean and get ready for the next cook.

9. Just One Assembly Required

I don’t need to tell you that the least fun part of cooking outside is having to build the thing when it arrives, right?

So, if you love both griddles and grills equally and were planning on buying them both, that would have meant some serious amount of time spent assembling them both and getting them ready for that first cook.

But with a griddle grill combo, you don’t have that problem. It’s just one assembly required, most products only requiring one or two people and only taking an hour or two to get ready.

Anything that makes getting to the actual cooking faster is a great thing in my books, and I’m sure many of you feel the same way.

10. Value For Money

This might be an obvious one so I won’t say too much about it, but there’s no denying that buying a griddle grill combo instead of both a griddle and a grill is a smart money-saving decision.

If you love both griddles and grills equally, then the best way to reduce the financial burden you’re putting on yourself is to buy just one product: a griddle grill combo! It’s as simple as that!

coals on fire

11. Supreme Cooking Performance And Control

And finally, for me, there’s no better cooking experience than when you’re using a griddle grill combo that means you have no limits. You’re in control. You’re in control of what you cook, how you cook, and where you cook.

And that’s before you even think about mixing the two cooking methods up. Want to sear a steak on a grill hot and fast, before transferring it to a griddle and letting it cook the rest of the way through at a gentler heat? You can do that with a griddle grill combo!

You’re in control with a griddle grill combo, of every aspect of the cooking process, and that ultimately means a better cook, more delicious food, and more satisfied guests. And if that isn’t reason enough to buy this product, I don’t know what is!

Final Thoughts

Really, what all 11 points I’ve made today boil down to is versatility. By investing in an outdoor griddle grill combo, you are investing in versatility.

Want to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner all in one spot? Your griddle grill combo can handle it. Want to save space and money by only investing in one product? Your gas griddle grill combo helps there too.

My point is that if you really want to get the most out of your outdoor cooking experience, then you need to invest in something that offers you the most opportunity to get out there and cook.

For me, at least, a griddle grill combo is the best way of doing that, because it takes the best of the two greatest methods of cooking outdoors (griddles and grills) and combines it into one product.

I said at the start of today’s post that I don’t think anyone would be able to argue with my 11 reasons for buying a griddle grill combo, and do you know what?

After all is said and done, I stand by that! All that’s left for you guys to do now, though, is find the best griddle grill combo out there for you – and with so many great products, that won’t be an easy task…