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Can You Use Crisco To Season A Griddle? Here Is The Deal

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Got that new griddle and thinking about seasoning your cast iron with crisco? Well, you may want to read this first!


Now that Summer is here, you will be looking forward to your next cookout. Hopefully, you put it away after cleaning it last time in a warm dry area and now you are ready to use it again.

It is important to have your griddle properly stored when not in use to maintain the temperature of the propane tank and protect it from leaks. At the last cookout, someone asked ‘can you season a griddle with Crisco?

Quick Answer: Yes, you can use Crisco to season you griddle, however, take the points below into consideration before you decide to use Crisco to season your new griddle.

What Is Crisco?

Crisco is a brand of vegetable shortening made from cottonseed and was the first shortening to be made entirely of vegetable oil back in 1911. The cottonseed undergoes a process to hydrogenate it, ensuring that it remains solid like lard.

However, we use Crisco for seasoning the griddle and other cooking because it is healthy. It is important never to cook with anything containing Transfats (these are the unhealthy fats used in a lot of fast food cooking).

The Crisco smoke point is 490 degrees, which is very hot and more than good for most all cooking you will do on your cast iron griddle.

Ever wonder how hot a Blackstone Griddle gets? I tested 3 of their models from electric to gas, big to small and this is what I found out.

According to the Crisco product information label, a 12 gram serving contains NO TRANS FAT and 3 g of saturated fat,

  • 6 g polyunsaturated fat,
  • 2.5 g of mono-saturated fat.

People who consume trans fats have an increase in cholesterol especially the bad cholesterol LDL, and along with an increase in triglycerides, this contributes to heart disease. often accompanied by significant weight gain, so it is important to avoid trans fats and consume good fats like Crisco oil when cooking.

It is also important to cook at home as trans fats are contained in many takeout foods. The original formula for Crisco has been changed slightly to remove all trans fats.

Crisco is an all vegetable product, making it great if you are counting calories. Many of us are trying to reduce weight and manage cholesterol, and Crisco for this is ideal and it certainly doesn’t compromise on flavor.

So, with all of that said, you might be wondering “can I use Crisco to Season a Blackstone?”

Well….I have personally used crisco to season a Blackstone griddle and it turned out great.


It is important to maintain the top of your griddle with a layer of oil or seasoning. It stops things from sticking to the surface while protecting them from rust.

If your griddle is new, do it right from the start and this is how to season your griddle with Crisco. Before we start, if you want to see what the folks over at Blackstone say about seasoning your griddle here.

Ever consider using Bacon to season a new griddle? Read this first.

  • Clean with soap and water
  • Wash the top thoroughly rubbing with a paper towel.
  • Only apply soapy water to a new griddle, as it can cause damage to an old griddle.
  • Get the Crisco oil ready to apply
  • Heat up the griddle to 250 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Spread three tablespoons of the Crisco vegetable oil across the griddle. As it melts across the surface, spread it evenly using paper towels. Check that the layer of oil is even.
  • Wipe the edges, sides and corners of your griddle with oil.
  • Leave the oil to cook for 30 minutes, or until it smokes.
  • When smoke fills the air, known as the smoke point, wait for the smoke to disappear.

You will need to repeat this process several times using Crisco to get your new griddle ready for use. When you are cooking nothing will stick, and you will need to have your Crisco oil handy to add more during the cooking process.

Thats the quick and dirty but for a better writeup on seasoning your griddle read up here.

Make Your Griddle Non-Stick

When using and cleaning your griddle it is best to choose a good oil like Crisco, Once you have seasoned your griddle properly, you will be able to cook out regularly, always remember to clean it properly after use, as you don’t want it to become a haven for mice and other pests

Cleaning thoroughly is important, remove any food scraps from the top of the griddle and use a rubber spatula to clean bits off, following that wipe it down with a paper towel.

Fill a bucket with boiling water and wipe pour it over spots, leaving in place for 5 minutes. Then clean over with a dry paper towel. To prevent bacteria, always clean straight after use.

Wrapping Up

You will have many happy cookouts with your new griddle, just observe all the safety regulations can you season a griddle with Crisco, and with its high Crisco smoke point, it will make it taste so much better if you do, the non stick action will stop your meat from burning and everyone will be happy.


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