How To Clean A Blackstone Griddle After Cooking in 5 Easy Steps

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You need to know how to conduct daily cleaning of your griddle after each meal if you want your griddle to last like it should. Here we walk through the 5 easy steps to clean your griddle after each meal.

If you don’t already hold the cleanliness of your Blackstone griddle to high regard, then you’re going to want to listen up! Even if you keep on top of cleaning your Blackstone regularly, you could still learn a thing or two from me today.

There is so much that could be said for the benefits of keeping your griddle clean, not least of which include overall hygiene and quality of food produced.

I’m confident you’ll be able to tell if you haven’t cleaned your Blackstone griddle for a long time. Save yourself the hassle of experiencing the mediocre cooking that will come from that, and get it cleaned! There are a few things I’ve looked at to help give you some guidance. You should be able to take away a few of the things I mentioned today and work on getting your Blackstone griddle looking as good as new after every cooking session!

Ever have a sticky griddle? how about a rusty griddle? Each of those can be easily prevented by correct daily cleaning of your griddle after each meal cooked.

Tray Inserts

I want to first discuss with you the power of tray inserts. I’ve probably just made them sound like some divine being sent to earth by the Gods, but quite frankly, they might as well be that.

You’ll have a much easier time cleaning with tray inserts installed on your Blackstone griddle than you would if you just tried to do it fresh without any assistance.

If you haven’t got one yet, you might not know what a Blackstone griddle looks like. That’s okay, though; I’m here to help! Basically, the cooking surface of the griddle is flat.

It’s a great way to cook your food evenly and gives you plenty of room to get an entire meal done with relative ease. However, because there are no gaps for dripping grease off the surface, a Blackstone griddle can get pretty messy if left unchecked.

A tray insert can be placed on the griddle’s surface to catch most of the food and grease that would otherwise embed itself on the Blackstone. It’s a great way to keep everything clean and should be easy to clean after you’ve used it.

Take the tray insert away. If it’s disposable, then it’s done its job and can be thrown away. If it’s not, give it a quick clean, and you’re all good to use it again.

Cleaning A Blackstone Griddle

Once you’ve taken your tray insert off your griddle, it’s time to follow the steps to clean it the best that you can.

1. Pour Water Over The Griddle

Make sure you do this as soon as you’re done with cooking. The griddle should still be hot when you pour water over it, which will help to boil off and loosen the remaining food and grease that might be present.

It’s an easy way to start lifting a lot of the grime and dirt from the griddle, which sets you up perfectly for the next steps.

Also, it can’t hurt that splashing cool water over a boiling hot griddle makes one of the most satisfying sizzling noises in the history of cooking. If you’ve never done it, try it. You’ll thank me later.

2. Wipe Down The Surface

Once you’ve enjoyed the sizzling sensation of water over the hot griddle, it’s time to wipe it down.

Using a wet cloth or paper towel, you should be able to wipe it across the surface (now that it’s cooler and safer to touch) and see most of the food and grease that was lifted wipe away.

Without the water step, you’ll need a lot of elbow grease even to consider lifting most of the dirt from the surface.

3. Repeat The Water And The Wipe

Repeat the process until you’re confident most of the worst bits of dirt have gone. Get more water and pour it over the Blackstone griddle.

Then, take a fresh cloth or paper towel and wipe it down again – please, don’t use your old one! It’s already covered in enough dirt after the job you’ve already given it. If you wipe it again with a used towel, you’ll just spread that grime back over the surface… That’s not going to help you at all and leave your griddle sticky.

4. Thin Layer Of Oil

The next step after wiping it down comes with pouring oil over the surface. You want this to be a very thin and even layer of oil.

If you use too much, you’ll end up dirtying your whole griddle and will need to repeat your entire cleaning process.

Just spread it out nicely to cover most of the surface and let it do its job. It’s a great way to stop rust from forming on the surface of your griddle by not allowing water to settle on it.

5. Cover Your Griddle

Once you’ve done the last bits, it’s time to cover your griddle up. Treat it with care (just like a baby) and store it away, ready for the next time you need to use it.

If you’ve followed the previous steps to a T, then you’ll be happy in the knowledge that your Blackstone griddle will be squeaky clean when you next remove the cover.

If you’re going to store it, make sure you keep it somewhere dry as well. Just because it’s got a cover on doesn’t always mean it’s going to be protected when the weather starts to shift.


I hope those 5 steps will help you if you’re looking to keep your Blackstone griddle clean. They’re easy enough to follow. I’ve been doing it myself for as long as I’ve owned a Blackstone griddle.

Learn from my mistakes so that you don’t have to make them yourself! Of course, at first, I had a couple of teething problems, but hopefully, you won’t have to go through any of them.

You’ll find the food you cook is not only safer to consume but tastier as well if you keep your griddle clean.

While some people seem to enjoy the leftover greasy taste that dirty griddles can leave, I’d rather not have to go through that with the food I cook. Most of my guests would absolutely agree too. Just get your griddle clean! It’s really not that hard!

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