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Can You Use A Griddle On An Electric Stove? (Solved)

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Can you use a griddle plate on an electric stovetop? Will it actually work just as well? I have some specific knowledge about this and want to solve this once and for all!

Griddle plates are an excellent tool for outside grilling, there’s no doubt about that. Any day I can get out in your yard and start griddling some fine meats is a happy day in my book.

But some days aren’t always very welcoming of a grilling session. Some days the weather is just a little bit too unruly to allow you to grill your meals outside.

What happens on those days? Is there any other way you can use the griddle?

Well, the simplest idea would be to bring it inside and get your grilling done there, right? We might already have made the plans to enjoy a nice BBQ with some friends and we don’t fancy changing them at such short notice.

So, let’s take the BBQ inside. How hard can it be? We have a stovetop. My question is simple though. Can a griddle be used on an electric stovetop?

Luckily for you, I’ve done the digging so you don’t have to!

Using A Griddle On An Electric Stove

You’ll be happy to know that it is possible to use your griddle just as effectively on an electric stove as you would outside on a BBQ. You might have to do a few things differently, but overall, it’s a pretty standard grill.

Before anything else, just start preparing your griddle the same way you would have done if you were planning on using it outside today and start thinking about getting it heated up ready for the grilling session.

The biggest issue I’ve noticed with using a griddle on a stovetop is the size of it. It’s not a deal-breaker by any stretch of the imagination, but it requires a little bit of ingenuity.

Naturally, they’re quite length in size and most traditional sizes will require at least two burners to be active to heat it sufficiently.

The only problem with this is that burners can vary in size when they’re next to each other – but the heat will still work just enough to get your griddle where you need it.

After you’ve sorted out the placement part, the rest should come pretty easily. Make sure it’s heated up to the desired temperature before you start throwing your food on it.

Once you do though, you’ll hear those mouth-watering sizzles just like you would have done if you were doing the BBQing outside. There is no difference in the grand scheme of things – you’re only missing out on a little bit of fresh air.

Is It Safe To Use A Griddle On An Electric Stove?

Yes! you can use a griddle safely on an electric stovetop, in fact, there are companies that sell griddles and flat top grills just for your gas or electric stove/oven.

Electric coils can use heat transfer to heat the griddle plate, making it just as easy to cook with than a stand alone outdoor griddle.

As far as safety, you will want to use caution anytime you are working around hot metal surfaces. Do not touch a hot griddle with your bare hand and do not use plastic utensils as they may melt if left in contact with the hot surface.

They’re made of the same materials that most pans are made of and they cook just fine. The safety element isn’t a problem at all.

The one and the only issue I’ve seen that might arise from using a griddle in this fashion is if you have gas burners. While they’ll still mostly work just fine, there is always the risk of snuffing out the burner while in use.

Check out the high-quality line of American Made griddles and flat top grills for your home stove over at Steelmade USA.

Does It Work Well?

I’ve already said that using a griddle plate on an electric stove can work sufficiently and I mean that. However, does it work efficiently?

Will you end up with the same results doing all your grilling indoors as you would have done if you did them outdoors? Yes and no. I know it’s annoying to hear that but just listen for a second and I’ll explain why.

The yes is obvious. You’re still getting a good amount of grilling done and most of your meats and veg will still be grilled to perfection when you want them to be.

The more experienced you are with the griddle, the better off you’ll be as well. I’ve done it myself and I can attest to the quality of the food that comes off the griddle indoors can be just as good as what it would have been like outdoors.

However, the no comes with the functionality of your stovetop and the burners. Due to the size of the griddle being not-so-uniform, it causes a bit of difficulty for the electric heating coils when it comes to heating it.

Difficult may not be the best term, but it does take longer for it to get to a good heat rather than with direct flame.

From my own experience and everything I’ve read, many people seem to agree that a griddle being heated on a stovetop has very obvious hot and cold zones.

The temperature across the griddle can be uneven and inconsistent, which is still fine and can actually make grilling a little easier depending on what you’re doing (and that’s no different than heat zones on a traditional gas griddle).

However, it can also make it take much longer to cook some of the meats you’re hoping for.

If you know what you’re grilling and how long it takes, you may be able to manipulate the varying zones of heat on the griddle quite well, but for the most part, you’re going to have to work around it.

Try and keep most of the important stuff as central as possible to guarantee and even grill.


I think I’ve pretty much said all that I needed to say on the matter of using a griddle plate on an electric stovetop. Hopefully, if you’ve been asking yourself whether this is feasible, I’ve answered any questions you might have had about it.

I would encourage you to use it in this way if the weather outside is being somewhat unreliable. If you can avoid it though, just try and keep your griddle plates outside where they belong.

You’ll have a much more enjoyable time using them if you stay outside. Obviously, sometimes the world has other ideas, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind before using your griddle on a stove.


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