Griddle vs George Foreman Grill: 1 Clear Winner Here

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Trying to decide between a George Foreman Grill and a Griddle? There are some key differences below that should be considered before buying either. 

As an owner of both for many years, I have some good insight here. So, let’s chat about the differences between a George Foreman Grill and a Griddle!


Quick Answer: A griddle wins every time. While a George Foreman Grill is compact and great for a quick bite, the versatility coupled with size and features of a good griddle, well, the clear winner is (and will always be) the a griddle, it just wins over a George Forman Grill.

George Foreman grills have been around for what seems like a lifetime now. They’ve established themselves as a leading name in the industry of grilling and with good reason.

However, in recent years griddles have been gaining more prevalence, and the inner circles of grilling have been unsure which of the two wins out in a straight comparison. Everyone has a different opinion, and I’m here to share my own with you today.

Of course, you shouldn’t just take my word as gospel (as much as I’d love you too), but I feel like I’ve definitely got some solid points to raise.

I believe there is merit to both griddles and George Foreman grills, so I’m not trying to knock one over the other. However, for me, there will always be a stand-out winner.

To make it fair to griddles as well, I’ll compare both electric griddles and outdoor propane griddles to their George Foreman grill counterparts.

Ever consider the Members Mark Griddle and wondered how it compared up against the king of Blackstone Griddles? Well, you will want to read this, the winner is clear with one key takeaway to consider.

Electric Griddles

For those who don’t know what an electric griddle is, it’s a flat surface usually plugged into the mains that can cook your meal just about anywhere.

You can throw an electric griddle on any surface (but usually you’re confined indoors) and cook away. There’s plenty of room on top of the flat surface of an electric griddle, too, making them pretty exemplary at cooking everything you need in one easy motion.

From just that alone, you can already see where I’m going with the pros of the electric griddle. They’re lightweight and portable, making them a must-have for any kitchen. They’re also easy to use and have plenty of room to cook an entire meal on them.

You could have sausages, burger patties, vegetables, and eggs on an electric griddle all at the same time.

As much as I swear by the griddle, I won’t deny that cleaning them can sometimes feel like a chore. Due to the flat surface of the griddle and not allowing for grease run-off, it can make cleaning it up a little more difficult.

It’s definitely not a deal-breaker for me, though, but I would have to say that’s a pretty big con.

Electric George Foreman Grill

Perhaps the most common form of a George Foreman grill is the electric ones you can find in a kitchen. They’re a pretty nifty tool, capable of grilling whatever you need quickly and efficiently.

They’re good at what they do (otherwise, they wouldn’t be popular). They definitely get the job done right as well; it’s not like you’ll throw a steak into a George Foreman grill and have it come out looking charred and unevenly cooked.

However, for me, the biggest turn away from a George Foreman grill is usually the size. Sure, they’re good at what they do, but if you’ve ever used one or seen one, you’ll know that they’re only really equipped to cook one or two pieces of meat at a time.

If time is of the essence, or you’re hosting a party of people, then an electric George Foreman grill really isn’t the answer. It’s not going to get you the desired outcome.

Outdoor Propane Griddles

Though I won’t focus on a specific brand, it’s worth noting that I absolutely adore outdoor propane griddles. Blackstone reigns king as of today, but this applies to most outdoor griddles as they have very similar designs with materials.

I’ve got one myself and have never had a hard time with it. You can cook just about anything you want with them, and they’re easy to get going straight away.

They heat up to the desired temperature in no time at all, and you can spend your time cooking without worrying about uneven heat or burning your meat.

While the usual problems with outdoor griddles can occur, it’s not much of a deal-breaker when you consider all outdoor tools have to deal with them.

Yes, harsh weather can be an issue that can get out of hand, but that’s on you if you’re not looking after your griddle correctly.

Provided you keep on top of care and maintenance and that you store it appropriately, you’ll find that your outdoor propane griddles will do a perfect job for you, no matter the weather.

Griddles vs Outdoor George Foreman Grill

Just like the outdoor griddles, then, it’s time to focus my attention on outdoor George Foreman grills. They definitely have their own pros and cons when compared to the griddle, and plenty of people make use of them for parties or outdoor cooking sessions.

They are much larger than the electric grills, making it easier to cook plenty of food on them and host parties.

Again, it’s unfair to say that it will be affected by weather and rust issues because it’s outdoors. A well-looked after George Foreman grill won’t have to worry about any of these being much of a factor. It depends entirely on the owner and the care they’re willing to put in.

I will say in favor of the George Foreman grill that the ridges between the grills make it a little easier to clean up after use. The grease that can get stuck to a griddle plate will often drop through the grill and into the fire, saving you plenty of clean-up time and trauma!


I believe that you should pick your favorite based on your own opinion, but if I had to give you mine, then I’m 100% in the court of griddles.

Whether electric or outdoors, griddles have always been done right by me, and I feel plenty of love for them. They’ve managed to get me through just about any party I’ve hosted with relative ease.

You can always rely on a griddle to get an entire meal cooked when you need it to.

That’s not to say that George Foreman grills don’t have their place in the world. They wouldn’t be where they are today without people using them. However, for me, the griddle benefits simply outweigh the grill benefits.

While cleaning can be a decision-making factor for some, I believe that a griddle’s even cooking and spaciousness make a world of difference.