Blue Rhino Razor vs Blackstone Griddle: The Final Verdict

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Here, we do a deep dive into the comparison between the Blue Rhino Razor vs Blackstone Griddle to make sure you leave with the right choice in mind. When you spend your hard-earned money you want to make sure you are making the right decision.

Blue Rhino Razor vs Blackstone Griddle

Well, my friends, it’s the griddling season! It’s time to dust off the Griddle King apron and get in the backyard for some griddling delights. If you have been in the market for a new griddle and shopping for options, you have likely heard the name Blackstone as they hold a pretty large piece of the griddle market.

However, if you have been searching for options (or shopping at Lowes), you probably came across the Blue Rhino Razor Griddle series. 

Blue Rhino Company Profile

You have probably seen Blue Rhino propane tanks many times and didn’t even realize they were the same company offering griddles. Blue Rhino makes its mark in the outdoor grill industry by being the #1 Propane Tank Exchange brand. Established back in 1994, the company has been a strong name in the propane game for some time now.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s not quite the history we expect to read about for a grill or griddle company, but, let’s be honest, at least it’s close. With that said, they now have a decent-sized stake in the outdoor cooking game with a full line of grills, griddles, accessories and you guessed it, propane!

Blackstone Company Profile

Blackstone is quickly becoming the go-to name in the griddle game. Back in 2005 Blackstone griddle entered the market with the first Griddle model offering, the Blackstone Classic 36 Griddle.

Blue Rhino Razor vs Blackstone Price Comparison

Look, I’m a working joe like the rest of you, and to be frank, I make most initial purchase decisions based on price. Now, is that the smartest method? No, I’ve tried to save money on a “cheaper” competitor just to find out that the product was cheaper for a reason.

What’s that saying? “Buy Once, Cry Once”. With that said, the price still matters, so let’s look at each manufacturer’s price comparison for the competing Griddle models from both Blue Rhino and Blackstone.

Also, I should clarify, these are the MSRP’s, as you all know, prices can vary and sales can alter this, but, let’s look at those MSRP’s.

Blue Rhino Razor Griddle MSRP: $369.99 (Model: Razor Griddle GGC1643M) I found several of these online for sale around the advertised price of $369 and couldn’t find any other advertised deals anywhere.

Blackstone Griddle MSRP: $324.99 (Model: Classic 36 SKU 1554) I found several deals on this one ranging from $300 all the way up to $399, so definitely look for deals on this one.

Price Winner: Blackstone Griddle, it’s pretty clear.

Blue Rhino Razor vs Blackstone Warranty Comparison

Warranties these days are a funny thing, either the company brags about a killer warranty that covers it all no questions asked, or they tend to hide the warranty info and only advertise very limited info. Let’s take a look at each companies warranty.

Blue Rhino Razor Warranty:

Blue Rhino advertises their warranty as a “1-year Limited”, so what does that mean, and more specifically, what does that actually cover? Well, I did some digging on the Blue Rhino website, and here is what I found. On-Page 14 of the Owners manual, the Limited Liability info is listed.

Here it starts off with the manufacturer listed as RevoAce incorporated with an address in Honk Kong. In this limited warranty, it states it covers the “original purchaser” to have proof of purchase and the date of purchase and if it was “assembled, maintained and operated in accordance with the printed instructions…” it goes on to say that if a part is deemed effective, it will be sent in and (if approved) the part will be replaced, this is honored for a period of 1-year. Read the Full Warranty info here.

Blackstone Griddle Warranty:

Blackstone has a similar deal, they list their manufacturer as North American Imports LLC (made in China as well, more on that here.) This 1-year Warranty states on their website the manufacturer, will warranty for one year from purchase all parts, workmanship, and finishes. It will be the manufacturer’s option as to whether to repair or replace any of the above items.

All warranties are limited to the original purchaser only. This warranty does not cover any liability on the part of North Atlantic Imports, its agents or employees, for any indirect or consequential damages for breach of warranty. The purchaser must follow the manufacturer’s usage instructions. Read the Full Warranty info here.

Warranty Winner: Tie: Both are made in China and hold a 3rd part manufacturer that honors their 1-year warranty in the same manner. 

Blue Rhino Razor vs Blackstone Materials Comparison

Just admit it, materials matter and they can greatly change how you decide to cook and the overall finished product. Let’s look at the difference in each manufactures materials used. I won’t go into what type of metal is used for the nuts and bolts, but rather what’s listed for the cooking surface and body. 


Blue Rhino Razor features a “Pre-Seasoned” steel cooking surface, at least that’s how it’s listed on the Blue Rhino website and it doesn’t give any other details. I’m not sure about how I feel about a pre-seasoned cooking surface as I personally love the seasoning process and want to make sure it’s done right.

You know what they say “if you want it done right, do it yourself”. Now, I get it, some people don’t want to mess with that process at all, and if that’s your case, this may be a good thing for you. 

Cooking Surface

Blackstone features a rolled carbon 7-gauge steel griddle top cooking surface with a powder-coated body and legs. Right off the bat, I like that description better, we know exactly what steel we are getting and the piece of mind that powder coating provides. 

Both manufacturers state their griddles feature 2 locking wheel castors and both offer an integrated grease management system as well as a single ‘shelf/tray” for accessories to be stored beneath the cooking surface. 

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Blue Rhino Razor vs Blackstone Dimensions and Size/Weight

I don’t know about your yard, but I live in Colorado, we don’t get big yards, so size definitely matters. Where you place your griddle could be greatly impacted by the size and weight of your perspective griddle purchase.

Here are how the Blue Rhino Razor and the Blackstone Griddles match up when it comes to size, weight, and overall dimensions.

Blue Rhino Razor 4-Burner: Dimensions are listed as 77 x 24 x 35 inches with a weight of 117lbs. 

Blackstone Classic 36: Dimensions are listed as 62.5 x 22 x 36 inches with a weight of 120lbs

Size/Weight Winner: Tie, not much to nod either in this category.

Blue Rhino Razor vs Blackstone Heating Ability BTU Comparison

This is where things get important when it comes to cooking. BTU’s, burner element sizes and heat distribution make the cooking experience its own unique one depending on what model you choose. Lets’ look at how the Blue Rhino and Blackstone compare in this area:

Blue Rhino Heat BTU:

the Razor features four stainless steel burners for a total of 62,000 BTUs of power, including an integrated Sear Zone that to be honest, I’m not familiar with but it sounds as if there is a designated area that captures the most heat allowing you to sear as needed when you toss on that next Ribeye Steak. Ignition is started via the integrated push and turn ignitor.

Blackstone Classic Heat BTU:

Blackstone features four stainless steel burners for a total of 60,000 BTUs of power. Ignition is also started via the integrated push and turn ignitor.

Heating and BTU’s Winner: Blue Rhino with an additional 2,000 BTU’s

Razor vs Blackstone Cooking Surface Real- Estate Comparison

This is another area that for some makes or break. Depending on the size of your family or get-togethers, cooking real estate really plays an important role in making a purchase decision.

It could quite literally mean the difference between a “one-and-done” dinner for all, OR having to cook another round just for a few more burgers

Blue Rhino Cooking Surface

Blue Rhino Razor features a 730 Square inch cooking surface that they claim can handle 56 burgers, but as you know depending on your burger size, that could be taken with a grain of salt, none-the-less it gives you a starting point when considering the size of the cooking surface. 

Blackstone Griddle Cooking Surface

Blackstone features a 720 Square inch cooking surface that according to Blackstone holds 72 hot dogs, again, just a starting point for reference when considering these. While this difference of 10 square inches seems small and irrelevant, for some it will matter, and for others, it won’t. 

Cooking Surface Size Winner: Blue Rhino for the additional 10 square inches

Final Verdict Blue Rhino Razor vs Blackstone 36

I chose the Blackstone, here’s why…. I personally must give the win to the Blackstone Classic 36 as it offers a lot of “bang for the buck”. I don’t see anything offered that vastly outperforms Blackstone for the additional $100 of money that Blue Rhino is demanding.

I also like to season my own cooking surface to ensure it’s done right and I don’t want a factory worker in China seasoning my griddle top, but that’s just me. 

So, I get it, sometimes shopping can lead to a bit of “analysis paralysis” so don’t get too tied up in all this, at the end of the day, you need a good backyard griddle and I think both will suffice your needs.

At the end of the day, it’s a personal preference and it doesn’t really matter what you choose, just get outside and GET GRIDDLING!

Griddle Accessories You WILL ACTUALLY NEED

This is another big one. While your griddle does come ready to use….its missing some really BASIC items you will need. 

  • Griddle Spade and Spatula: These are the backbone of griddle chefs all over the world. Due to the flat-top design of a griddle, you will need to have metal surfaced griddle spatulas and spades. Something simple like this works great, see it here on Amazon. 
  • Inferred Temperature Gun: See Step 4 above, these are really crucial to fully understand what your griddle can do and what areas are putting out the heat you need, and what areas can be used to just keep the food warm while working on others. This is a great option that won’t hurt your wallet, check it on Amazon.
  • Grease Tins: These are dirt cheap and save you an unnecessary headache when cleaning up. Simply drop them into the grease trap and toss them when you’re done! Check these here on Amazon. 
  • Griddle Bottles: Another must-have, you really only need two. One for water, and one for your chosen cooking oil. If you are not sure what I mean, check out our Guide to Griddle Bottles here. These on Amazon work great and are cheap, check them out here. 
  • Griddle King Apron: I know what your thinking “I’m not wearing an apron” and yeah, I get it. But all that changed when I got a griddle and realized how much grease is popping off the griddle surface and landing on my clothes. A simple apron solves that and my signature “Griddle King” or “Griddle Queen” apron is a cheap easy fix for you, grab it here on Etsy.