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Is A Griddle The Same As a Flat Top Grill? (Compared)

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Griddle or Flat Top Grill? Are they the same thing? What Are the Differences? Most people think these two are the same from the large number of similarities they have; however, they also do have their differences.

This article will try to give as much information we can about a griddle versus a flat top grill. having a hard time making a choice between the two? Check out our Camp Chef vs Blackstone comparison here.

What’s A Griddle?

First, we need to know what a griddle is. A griddle is a cooking appliance with a source of heat located under the cooking surface. To heat griddles, you will need either electricity, coal, or even wood.

Contrary to what most people think of it as a breakfast appliance, It can cook several meals. Oftentimes people hear griddle and think of a Waffle House chef cooking up some smothered and chunked hash browns or maybe even pancakes, but the fact is, a griddle a very versatile cooking device that goes far beyond breakfast food at a diner.

I like to think of my griddle as a giant cast-iron pan that can cook the biggest of meals.

What Is A Flat Top Grill?

A flattop grill is a metal plate with no traditional grill bars, and uses a circular heating coil (or gas/charcoal); this is more of an advanced traditional grill (minus the grates). This uses electricity as their power source or even gas.

Unlike the ordinary grill, it does not have a grate that differentiates the two. It can be used with pans or even use pots directly from it.

How They Work Compared

The power of the griddle is underneath; hence heating takes place in straight elements from below. On the other hand, the flattop grill works in a way that heat has multiple round elements with the heating coming from the coil.

However, they both distribute their heat evenly hence heating up quickly ending up being energy sufficient.

You remain to be cooking on a metal service in these two, and the heat does not come directly to your food. A flattop grill is more versatile as it is used in cooking food directly as well as from pans and pots.

What They Can Cook Compared

Someone tells you that what you can cook on a griddle can be cooked on a flat top grill. You might now start getting confused, but you don’t have to worry anymore. It would be best if you remembered that the flat top grill does not have grates, unlike the ordinary grill; hence even eggs can be cooked using pans.

Griddles are commonly known to cook these foods with a soft starting form. However, flattop grills can also be used. The flattop grill is more of an outdoor griddle as they can conveniently cook even delicate foods like pancakes and eggs, to name a few.

Cleaning Compared

Cleaning both of these appliances seems to be the same as you only need to wipe the upper part of each. This is not tiresome compared to the grills with grates that you have to struggle cleaning. You don’t get food falling on the bars in both of these; hence, it becomes much easier to use.

The biggest downside to a griddle (or a flat top grill) is cooking your food while its drenched in the cooking oil and mixing with other items on the griddle.

Flattop grills vs. griddles

Flat top grills are primarily used for cooking foods that require a very high temperature, such as meat, seafood, and many more. Griddles will be mainly used to cook delicate foods that need little time to cook.

When cooking with griddles, you have the advantage of putting your already cooked food on the side and let it cool slowly as you finish grilling the rest. Flat tops grills can even be placed on stoves, while griddles will need a space of their own as they are a standalone appliance.


Having seen the similarities and differences, you now can tell what you need to buy. You can also choose to buy both as it depends on what you’re trying to achieve in your cooking and many factors put into considerations.

Flat top grills might sound more of the same to the griddles, but the fact is they both have their differences….its confusing, we get it. Check the latest prices on flat top grills here. Griddle King, out.


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