10 Best Smokers Made In The USA

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Made in The USA. It is not a sign that is seen often anymore, but relatively few companies make their products in the backyard when it comes to smokers.

Pure American-made smokers are well prized, and for many die-hard grillers, buying American is non-negotiable.

So, if you have thought to yourself “what smokers are made in the USA” this article is for you!

These brands currently make their BBQ smokers in the USA. MAK Grills, Yoder Smokers, Smokin’ Brothers Inc, Blaz N’ Grill Works, Pitts & Spitts Grills, Twin Eagles, Meadow Creek BBQ Smokers, Texas Pit Crafters, and PK Grills are ten companies that are still producing smokers at home.

We will look at each one individually. First, we need to understand the challenges of producing smokers in the USA and why many premium American brands opt to build grills outside the US and import them.

Oh, and read until the end, I saved my personal favorite for last!

The Traeger Story 

Joe Traeger invented his pellet smoker in the 1980s and patented the design. Up until 2006, all Traeger manufactured was smokers made in USA. 

When the patent expired in 2006, and more companies began to make smokers, the Traeger company was sold, and a decision was taken to shift production outside the USA.

This move was purely economic as it was cheaper to make the products outside the USA and ship them in rather than make them at home.

Cost of labor and materials were the foremost considerations.

Sadly, this is the story with many companies that utilize the same processes but still produce high-quality grills that are affordable for the mass market.

Using local resources like labor and material is too expensive. It would make them uncompetitive against imported products.

The Economics Of BBQ Smoker Manufacturing

This first got on my radar when I realized how many people wanted to know if Blackstone Griddles were made in the USA.

Many brands that manufacture only in the USA often produce grills for niche market clients like competitive smokers and commercial products, making them more expensive than the imported ones.

This is because production costs are less overseas than in the USA, and as such, the retail prices of US-made smokers are usually higher than those made outside the USA.

The cost of production and dealer fees and lower marketing costs contribute to better margins and lower pricing.

Because the USA has such a substantial retail market, it only makes sense to produce products that are affordable to the average man as the volume sales market is the bread and butter for many businesses, not only those in the grilling/smoking industry.

While many Americans would love only to buy locally made smokers, the economic restrictions that affect the manufacturers also drive the search for cheaper priced smokers that still offer US-made smokers‘ quality but at lower prices.

Why Should You Buy Smokers Made In The USA 

There are several compelling and patriotic reasons to buy your USA-made smoker, but it seems to hit home the hardest because it’s made in the USA.

Americans are majestically patriotic, and while there is a case to be made for the economics, there is also the pride felt when we support American-made products.

  • Buying a US-made smoker means you are supporting jobs and the economy and putting money back into the pockets of US companies rather than sending that money outside the USA.
  • Buying the US means quality, and while many imported smokers are just as good as American-made ones, you know that in some countries, the materials and manufacturing standards are not as good as at home.
  • Many overseas manufacturers use exploitative labor practices, and while the companies themselves make huge profits, those benefits are not passed down to the labor force, who work for meager rates.

But while many off-the-shelf smokers are produced overseas, there are still a handful of companies that make everything in the USA, and we will look at each of those below; let’s start in Texas!

Smokers Made In The USA – Texas Pit Crafters 

They make them bigger and stronger in Texas, and this company is right up there.

In Houston, Texas, Pit Crafters offer a wide range of grills, smokers, and pits that can be custom built to any requirements.

They offer gas, coal, and infrared grills. They focus on delivering long-lasting, robust products through precision manufacture and design and using some of the most robust materials in their grills.

Using heavy gauge 304 Stainless Steel provides a beautiful and long-lasting finish, while the heavy-duty steel is virtually indestructible.

Some of their features include a specially designed hood that maximizes the cooking area and provides exceptional temperature control.

Their stainless steel cooking surfaces are touted to last a lifetime and never rust, while the infrared burner is available with all their units, including the hybrids.

TPC also makes custom outdoor kitchens, and their fitting can be external or built-in as required.

Excellent service, fantastic quality, superior craftsmanship, and a dedication to providing superb quality products that will last make this Texas company one of the best in the USA.

Smokers Made In The USA – MAK Grills 


MAK Grills is a family-owned business run by Bob and Kerry Tucker and based in the small town of Dallas, Oregon.

In 2013, MAK Grills was inducted into the ‘Made In The USA’ Hall of Fame, so there is no doubt that these fine smokers are 100% homemade.

As a sheet metal manufacturer, MAK was ‘Made in The USA’ certified way back in 2011.

One of their core values is to employ veterans in their facilities and ensure community upliftment and gainful employment opportunities.

All of their products, MAK Smokers, even their hats, are made in the USA.

Materials and artisans are all locally sourced and utilized, while many of their key positions are managed by veterans – Bob himself being one.

MAK Grills are actively involved in their community, sponsors an annual BBQ Grill competition, and supports local businesses’ initiatives and manufacturing items.

MAK Grills are known for their high precision and durability, using 304 stainless steel in many of their components, and most of those are hand-made for extra accuracy.

It’s easy to see that MAK produce some of the most precise smokers and grills available in the USA.

Another core value that MAK embody is that of value over profit.

While most companies in this industry have gone the profit route by outsourcing, MAK has remained steadfast in its commitment to using only local products, labor, and resources in their business.  

They don’t have a massive range with just four grills available, but their top-notch quality smokers are rated to 600F, and they also have the option to control your cooking using the wifi connected module remotely.

They also offer a substantial range of cooking accessories, including pellets, covers, sauces, and apparel for the dedicated MAK Owner.

Their pellet grill igniter is the only one with a lifetime warranty.

MAK Grills have put their money where their mouths are and if it’s true US craftsmanship and ingenuity you want in your smoker, then look no further than the small town of Dallas in Oregon.

Smokers Made In The USA – Meadow Creek BBQ Smokers 


Pinecraft Barbecue Supply is another excellent example of an American BBQ business in Sarasota, Florida.

They are owned by the Stoltzfus family from Meadow Creek Welding in  Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

This company owns the Big Green Egg brand smoker and grill, similar to the Kamado design and the Napoleon brand, and Meadow Creek smokers and grills.

Meadow Creek offers a vast range of products from smokers to accessories. 

Like many other US-based smokers and grill companies, their focus is the barbecue and outdoor lifestyle.

Specializing in every aspect of this lifestyle, they pride themselves on their knowledge and advice to clients so they can find the best option for their requirements.

With accessories, sauces, and rubs sourced or made locally, Meadow Creek is a quintessential barbecue specialist.

They even offer a rental option for customers who need great gear but don’t necessarily want to buy one.

One of the critical values at Meadow Creek is the knowledge and experience their staff offers the clients.

Whether it be what smoker to use or the best ways to cook specific cuts of meat, from cookbooks, rubs, sauces, and various types of smokers and grills, providing their customers with a vast knowledge base as an absolute value add.

It’s always great to talk about smokers and smoking with people who produce and supply an extensive and versatile range of smokers and grills and have the know-how to back it up.

Smoking is a true American pastime and has been a part of our history for centuries.

With family-based businesses with decades of experience in this field, the discussions alone could be worth visiting their store or website.

Yoder Smokers – Smokers Made In The USA 


If you want to see a Smoker that resembles a tank on wheels, then Yoder Smokers are the ones to look for.

Using ten and 14-gauge steel in their manufacture makes their grills and smokers durable and heavy.

Their smallest unit weighs in at a hefty 255 pounds, so their lightweight model clocks in at the heavyweight division, and their slogan states that they make ‘competition grade bbq products,’ and they’re not kidding either.

Starting in 2008 and operating out of Hutchinson, Kansas, Yoder is a competition BBQ specialist. Their products will indeed not be found in the aisle of your local outdoor store.

These are made for high-level competition, especially those that happen in your backyard!

Their most giant grill weighs in at 1200 pounds without the trailer, and they guarantee their products against burnout for life! 

You don’t often see lifetime warranties for products involving steel and high temperatures.

Still, Yoder has great confidence in their manufacturing process and the quality of materials they use, and so they have put their money where their mouths are.

Talking to owners of Yoder smokers at competitions or at home and asking them why they own these American powerhouse smokers, you will get answers that describe their heat retention properties and fuel efficiency as some of the main reasons.

Those in the know appreciate the more minor, finer details Yoder includes in their designs, like welded pit doors and offset smoking chambers designed to maximize airflow, smoke flow, and maintain even temperature.

Visiting the Yoder website can easily take a few hours.


When you look at the vast range of grills, smokers, trailers, accessories, clothing, spices, and rubs, you could spend some time shopping.

When you compare the depth of offerings as well as the knowledge base available from their consultants and staff, you realize the level of commitment they have to all things smoking and BBQ.

With Yoder, you will feel assured that a Yoder smoker in your backyard will deliver exceptional results and may even motivate you to move into competition!

Twin Eagles – Smokers Made In The USA


Twin Eagles pride themselves on being one of the more upmarket and luxurious manufacturers of smokers and grills in the USA, and they are not ashamed to price themselves accordingly.

These grills are undoubtedly expensive, starting at around $3000, but this needs to be balanced between the price and the value and quality of manufacture you get with the Twin Eagle smokers.

The founder of Twin Eagles is an award-winning designer and innovator, Dante Cantal.

He spent three decades creating and designing culinary equipment for some of the world’s leading brands before turning his attention to creating superior lifestyle grills and smokers.

Twin Eagles could be considered the Rolls Royce of smokers and outdoor cookers, incorporating advanced technology in their grilling and handcrafted design.

They are made in the USA, with their headquarters in Cerrito, California.

In early 2021 they were taken over by Dometic, a brand specializing in outdoor lifestyle chilling and cooking products for RVs, premium vehicles, and boats and trucks.

Twin Eagles’ products are aimed at the high-end home chef, and their built-in grills form the backbone of their product range.

Ranging in size from 30″ to 54″ and including their imposing Eagle One Super Premium grill, which can reach temperatures around 900F! 

While the price tag is high, the build quality and materials justify the investment.

Made from 4 gauge 304 stainless steel, they have a lifetime warranty and feature hexagonal burners for greater control between the food and the cooking surface.

These also allow you to cook different foods and different temperatures simultaneously.

That itself is an innovation, as most grills and smokers only have different cooking zones due to the temperature becoming lower as you move away from the central heat source.

Like other USA manufacturers, Twin Eagles provide a full range of smokers and grills and accessories, refrigeration, outdoor sinks, warming drawers, side burners, and grilling accessories.

Smokin’ Brothers Inc- Smokers Made In The USA



Another family-rooted business from southeast Missouri began in the fall of 2005 at a smoking festival where the Smokin Brothers team was formed. 

Unlike many other companies, Smoking Brothers didn’t start life as a steel manufacturer but began with their legendary Butt The Kitchen Sink rub and followed with a range of BBQ sauces and spicy rubs.

The following and support they received from this product inspired them to move to their own range of pellets and grills in 2011.

They found that available pellets were blended, and they created their range of unblended pellets that deliver exceptional flavor but still can be blended if need be.

The motivation for the design and development of their grill range was spurred by their experience where they needed smokers and grills that maintained temperature better.

So they created and designed their range to compete with great success.

Smokin’ Brothers offer a range of grills and smokers, from their traditional range to premium and even commercial ones, to fill the needs of smoking enthusiasts countrywide.

This is another company that utilizes technology to allow you to keep an eye on your food using their Que-View device, and they also offer a range of accessories and their original rubs and sauces.

Pitts & Spitts – Smokers Made In The USA


Pitts & Spitts is another family company based in Houston, Texas.

They offer the smoking and outdoor cooking enthusiasts a full range of cookers, from charcoal grills to traditional offset smokers, wood pellet smokers, fire pits, and travel and combination grills.

Since 1983, Pitts & Spitts have made high-quality cookers using locally sourced materials and focused on delivering good lookin’ cookin’ and superb quality.

They have built their cookers for generations and take great pride in that they have stuck to their guns in terms of staying American-made.

By offering pellet grills, smokers, charcoal grills, and combining new world techniques with tradition, Pitts & Spitts make it well known that they deliver some of the finest and best-looking smokers proudly made in the USA.

As with other home-based cookers and smokers, these units are made from heavy gauge steel.

Using heavy-guage steel means they are heavy, and that is a good thing when it comes to cooking as thicker steel holds temperature better than thinner and lasts longer.

For example, their Maverick 1250 pellet smoker weighs in at a hefty 275 pounds and could be a linebacker for the Houston Texans!

But then again, bigger is better, and heavier is good too.

Their smokers start from around the $2899 mark, and like other American-made smokers, the price tag is substantial.

However, you are getting superior quality US workmanship and materials and standards, and for a smoker that is designed to last for generations to come and is made at home, that’s not a bad deal then.

Smokers Made In The USA – Blaz N’ Grill Works


One of the first noticeable differences with Blaz N’ Grill is that they only do pellet smokers and don’t offer gas or charcoal options.

They also provide a wide range of pellets for various flavors fr use in their smokers.

This focus on the purely pellet-based smoker indicates a dedication to the more traditional type of smoking.

Wherever you have a singular focus, you will find exceptional quality.

Based in Beatrice, Nebraska, Blaz N’ Grill started life as a metal fabrication business in the 1970s and only started making its now-famous grills in 2011.

They found great favor in the competitive market and have won numerous competitions since their inception.

While the pellet smokers follow traditional designs, they have added some innovative elements.

One of those is the easy-clean burn pot, which is easily removed by sliding it out rather than removing the grills to clean it.

Their design of a round rod auger rather than the conventional square rods delivers pellets more smoothly.

This is another example of a small detail that makes a world of difference to the whole experience of smoking.

Their Grid-Iron smoker comes in at $1799, which at under $2000 is certainly not out there, and the use of heavy gauge steel in construction makes these robust and efficient for heat retention and temperature control.

Weighing at 224 lbs, you will have a very steady and sturdy cooker at your fingertips, and using the supplied Pro series control makes the process that much easier.

Stainless steel roller grates, a front shelf, and a durable powder-coated finish mean a lifetime of great smoking.

Smokers Made In The USA – PK Grills 


And last on our list of smokers made in the USA are PK Grills. Didn’t I tell you I saved the best for the last?

Now, look, I am biased, I own two PK Grills, the PK Original and the PKGo.

I truly love how simple, yet, effective these little beasts are when it comes time to cook.

Whether you want fast and easy burgers or low and slow brisket, the PK Grills can do it all!

Here is my little PKGO on a recent camping trip to the Texas Guadalupe Mountains National Park:


PK stands for Portable Kitchen, and the focus here is the USA-made, lightweight, portable cooker and smoker that can be taken and enjoyed anywhere.

This is the only smoker manufacturer that uses ¼ inch thick aluminum rather than heavy gauge steel, and this is because aluminum is a superconductor of heat.

This lends itself to even temperatures, faster heating, and better and more responsive heat control.

The aluminum is hand-poured into the molds, and then the edges are ground, and the vents are shaped to ensure a tight-fitting seal is created.

Even heat distribution allows for the low-and-slow cooking and high heat searing options, plus the lightweight properties of aluminum mean you don’t need to be deadlifting 300 lbs just to move the grill.

Aluminum is rust-proof, so this is an ideal option to use around water locations such as lakes, rivers, and the ocean, and it’s lighter and more compact than some of their competitors, so packing it may not require a trailer.

Another real benefit is the price, with the original PK Grill and Smoker selling for just $599, so here you have a great product, made in the USA and at an affordable price.

This is why PK Grills and Smokers often rank at the top in the affordability category, but still have Made In The USA proudly displayed.


There is no doubt that most American made smokers are considerably more expensive than those that are not, but there is great peace of mind knowing that your manufacturer is a call away, and they provide advice on all aspects of smoking.

Buying American is as American as Apple Pie. Wouldn’t you prefer something homemade for your smoker that has contributed to the community and economy of this great country we call home?